Tips When you Take Nude Selfies Online

Tips when you take nude selfies online

The past year, there have been many celebrities whose private photos were hacked and shared online. Their nude sex pics appeared all over numerous sites and became public. The stars include names such as Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried, just to name a few. These celebrities took the photos with their Smartphones or uploaded them to the cloud. They then became part of the many free sex pics found online today.

But even after all of this, people still go on taking nude sex pics and selfies of themselves. They want to look their best when taking killer nudes. These tips can show you several aspects about sex pics. They cover how to make your nude selfies come out better. Plus, the best way to protect yourself and your nude sex pics from being shared by others online. These are great tips about taking nude selfies.

Use Tough Passwords

The first thing you want to make sure when you take nude selfies online is to have good protection of your accounts. That’s why it is imperative that you use tough passwords. Avoid using things such as your name or easy to hack phrases. Of course this step is not as important to those who want to share their nude sex pics. Individuals who willingly post their sex pics are part of the reason there are so many free nude pics online today. Still, always make sure you protect your accounts by using tough passwords.

Try Not To Show Your Face

One of the things a lot of people avoid doing when taking nude sex pics is showing their faces. That works to protect their identity should the photos be leaked or sent to others. Plus, it can also protect you in the event that people want to use them against you. Keep this in mind if you work for a company where sex pics of you may get you fired.

Don’t Show All of Your Body

It is easy to find millions of free sex pics online showing every part of the person’s body. Amateur sites are very popular because of this since so many people upload and share their private sex pics and videos. But, for those that don’t want to reveal their identity or show all of themselves, partial nudity is an option. You can show only your tits in the selfie.

The Emailing Nude Sex Pics Rule

For those people who email sex pictures to someone, there is a general rule to remember. Anything that you send out on email, should be considered public. You never know with whom the other person will share your sex pics or email with. Also, how secure is their email account? That’s why you should consider any sex pic you send in an email, something that can and may be shared with others.

Use Good Lighting

When it comes to taking great nude sex pics, the most important factor is the lighting. Taking sex images using poor lighting can make your picture look dull and boring. Plus, great lighting can show just how hot you are. All the top photographers attest to the importance in having good light when taking pictures.

Find The Right Angle

We all have good angles and bad ones. Finding the right one for you can lead to some awesome nude sex pics of yourself. Are your tits the best part about you? Is it your huge and voluptuous ass? Perhaps your abs or your chest, if you’re a man. No matter the who, the important thing is the right angle. Try using different poses to see which side you look more flattering and sexy from.

Find A Great Location

There are hundreds of free nude pics online of very hot and sexy women. But, some of them are taken in the wrong background. There are some sex pics where the girl has a very messy room. Others have taken nude selfies showing someone else in the background. To avoid this, make sure you find a good location for taking your sex images. Doing so will lead to some awesome and hot nude sex pics.

Always Clean Your Mirror

Nothing worse than a hot girl or guy in a mirror selfie, where the mirror is dirty. That takes away from your photo and you. Be sure to clean the mirror first and remove any spots or dirty parts.

Hard Nipples Are Hot

For killer nude sex pics make sure your nipples are hard. Everyone loves to see sex pics of women with hard nipples. Even photos of girls wearing shirts are sensuous if their nipples are hard. Use some ice to make those babies stand up and be erect.