How Much Sex is Healthy for a Relationship?

Healthy sex goes hand in hand. There is no accurate data on how many times per year are considered a healthy sex. Each couple has different phasing depending on the age group or relationship state. For couples who are in a long distance relationship, there is always a need for sex every time they see each other. On the other hand, couples who are seeing each other every day have a different timeline.

There is no perfect number on how often should a couple have sex, but here’s a brief analysis and estimated numbers on how much sex is healthy for a relationship;


Ideally, newlyweds do it at least once a day. Yes, some can do it twice a day, especially for new couples. On the average, newlyweds do it once a day. On the other hand, the minimum number of sex for newlyweds should be at least 2 times a week. They have higher and intense sex drive than most adults.

Young couples

Perhaps, due to strength, energy, and enthusiasm, young couples are more aggressive when it comes to sex especially when there are no kids yet in their relationship. Besides, their age is keen to new adventure and discoveries. Their libido is more active and they are more experimental when it comes to sex and different positions. On average, they do it once a day but active young couples can do it twice a day just like newlyweds. Minimum should also be at least twice a week.


The minimum number for a good sex relationship in this age group is once a day, while on the average, most couples do it every other day. Busy young couples do it with a minimum of once a week. Most couples on this age already have their children and sometimes, time and busy schedule hold them back.


Couples with the age of 40s to late 50s are still active in sex. The healthy number is every 3 to 5 days or twice a week. People in this age group should do it at least twice a month. Some couples are still aggressive when it comes to sex even they aged.


For 60+ age group, a healthy sexual relationship is thrice a month and they’re doing it at least once every month. Some couples in this age group don’t do lovemaking anymore because of lack of sex drive and energy.

Sex is a wonderful, enjoyable, and pleasurable experience and a great contributor to a happy and healthy relationship. During the moment, couples should have mutual feelings that they are both excited and enjoying it. Then again, there is no specific figure on how much sex is too much or too less and definitely, if you are not getting the ideal number as described above, that doesn’t mean you are not having a healthy and happy sexual relationship.

For some couple, they do it not by the number, but by perfect timing which includes their mood and sexual desire. If you will do it just because you want to challenge yourself and reach the above figures, and your partner won’t agree, you might be having an unhealthy relationship and sex life. Sex is always driven by love, intimacy, and trust for it to work.

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