Tips On How To Save Your Sex Life

There are an increasing number of couples who complain of unsatisfied sex life – and these issues are usually a direct indication of their relationship status. If you have sexual problems despite having a normal and healthy sexual function, then the real issue has nothing to do with sex. More often than not, they are just the results of something deeper in the relationship such as unresolved conflicts and lack of trust.

Nevertheless, if you’re struggling with low desire in your marriage like you don’t feel being sexual or you don’t want to have sex with your partner, but still yearning to save the relationship and improve your sex life, here are some helpful tips to guide you in your decision and action;

Open Communication

Nothing can solve relationship issues than having good communication and listening. The couples should talk to each other about sex openly and intimately. Be honest and tell your partner about how you feel. Improvements won’t happen by keeping things as is. On the other hand, talking about sex doesn’t only mean discussing your sexual concerns while you’re in the bedroom. It’s imperative that you have many sweet moments and positive conversations about sex and make sure to listen to each other’s wants without judging.

Go To Your Family Doctor/Urologist/Gynecologist

Find a medical specialist to help you in your situation, whether it’s emotional or healthy-related problems that are affecting your sex life. Rule out a medical problem particularly the hormonal issues or other medical issues. A good couple therapist is somebody who you can sit down and somebody who has a background with sex therapy. They can help you specifically with the low desire issue and even refer you to the best care physicians to help you with your exact needs. Days of sessions with a therapy will comprise ruling out and looking at your relationship, specifically relational problems.

Have The Willingness To Change

Making some changes means taking actions after listening to each other about the sex or relationship desires and expectations. Understand that for the problem to be resolved, you need to begin to accept your mistakes and roles and be willing to change for the better. Take the necessary steps towards improving your relationship by reconnecting and doing what you both love and enjoy.

Set Priorities

Setting goals for the improvement of your relationship can be easily accomplished. If you prioritize each other, you will invest quality time into it. Successful couples set their priorities and decide to spend more time together or going to bed together. They then increase physical, emotional contact and sexual interaction in the relationship overall.

It is extremely important that both of you are participating. If you can take a moment to remember that sex is supposed to be fun and take a step back from your expectations, you can turn a boring sex into a perfectly romantic one. Take action today to see changes in your sex life tonight. The solutions are all in your hands. For instance, constant communication, patience and understanding are the keys to ensuring your sex life make it through.


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